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Blanchon Lagoon Wood Cleaner 2.5Ltr

Ready-to-use gentle cleaner for lacquered or oiled wooden floors 
Lagoon™ allows to clean wooden floors without any odour: lacquered or oiled floors, pre-finished floors. Ready-to-use cleaner in spray bottle (a 2.5L refill is also available). 
Lagoon™ is also suitable on laminate floors. 
No rinsing is required and it leaves the floor spotless. 
Cleans and preserves the original finish of lacquered or oiled wood floors 
Leaves a streakfree floor  
No rinsing required 
Also suitable on laminate floors 
Ideal for day-to-day cleaning 
Odourless and non-slip cleaner 
Lagoon™ Kit: 
This cleaning kit is genuinely universal: it has been especially designed to be suitable for laminate, lacquered as well as oiled wood floors. And it is environmentally-friendly with its rechargeable Lagoon™ spray and washable mop. 
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