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Mapei Latexplan Trade Levelling Compound 30kg 2 Part A + B

Mapei Latexplan Trade Levelling Compound 30kg 2 Part A + B

Product description

Mapei Latexplan Trade Levelling Compound is a two-part Smoothing / floor levelling compound. It consists of a 25kg grey powder bag (part A) containing special cements, graded silica sands and additives to be mixed with Part B, a 5kg bottle of synthetic rubber latex.
Mapei Latexplan Trade is used for levelling and smoothing differences in thickness of 1 to 10 mm (in one application) on new and existing substrates to prepare them for any type of flooring installation.
Mapei Latexplan Trade Floor Levelling Compound is suitable for smoothing concrete floors, cement based screeds, Mapecem and Topcem screeds and areas with wheelchair traffic. Mapei Latexplan Trade is also suitable for smoothing existing flooring in concrete, terrazzo, ceramic tile, natural stone, wood, steel and polyurethane.
Mapei Latexplan Trade can be walked on after approximately 11/2-2 hours and is ready for installing flooring after about 12 hours, depending on the thickness and the ambient temperature.
Mapei Latexplan Trade has a very low odour making it suitable for use in confined and inhabited areas, where working and/or occupation must be maintained. It is suitable for use under Mapeproof ESM surface membrane where residual or static moisture is present. For the best results this product should be mixed without extra latex or water being added
One unit (1 x Part A, 1 x Part B) will cover approximately 6 m2 at3 mm thickness.

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