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Blanchon Sport Line Paints - Choose Colour & Size

Non stock item so allow 5-10 days delivery time 
Line-marking paints 
Blanchon Sport™ Stripes Paint has been specially formulated for gymnasium and sports hall floor marking professionals, providing a real solution to the problem of “burrs” that often form under self-adhesive marking tape. 
Its viscosity has been calculated and carefully adjusted to allow easy application, while its gel structure prevents it from infiltrating underneath the marking tape. 100% polyurethane water-based product, the Blanchon Sport™ Stripes Paint is part of Blanchon odourless high performance sport range, specially formulated to be applied on top of lacquers made for sports halls. 
Water-based polyurethane gel 
Highly thixotropic properties 
Great grip 
Non slip resistance (according to NF EN 14904) 
High resistance 
Special for sport stripes 
Does not run under masking tape 
Exceptional wear & tear on most surfaces 
Coverage rate 
12 sqm per litre 
per coat 
Pack Size 
0,9 kg 
0,1 kg 
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