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Ciranova Aquapad - Choose Size & Colour

Ciranova Aquapad - Choose Size & Colour
1ltr or 5 Ltr
16 Colours to choose from

Product description

Ciranova Aquapad is a waterborne wood stain, based on micro pigments, to colour all kind of wood for interior use. Aquapad gives
the wood a uniform appearance and makes the woodgrain more
prominent. Due to its special composition and ease of use, Aquapad is suitable for colouring large surfaces with a buffing machine.
Sand the wood with 120 to 150 grit. After sanding the sanding dust
must be carefully removed.
Stir well before use. It is recommended to test the chosen color first
before you treat the entire surface. During use, the Aquapad must
be stired frequently.
To finish with a varnish or waterbased oil (FORTICO or OCULTO) a
hardener can be added (10% hardener Aquapad). The Aquapad
can also be blocked first with Hardwaxoil Magic or UN1CO (Clear,
Natural White or Natural).
Take in account that there is a potlife of +/- 3 hours when the hardener is added. It’s recommended only to sand after applying the
first protection layer. When sanding after application of the Aquapad, there is a risk of color difference.
Aquapad needs to be applied evenly with a buffing machine. If the
Aquapad is applied with a roller or brush you can egalize afterwards
with a buffing machine (white or gray pad), cloth or dry brush. Don’t
leave used pads on the floor to avoid color differences.
Dry after +/- 3 to 4 hours.
The drying time is strongly depending on the applied quantity, the
temperature, air humidity and the ventilation of the room
20-30m² / liter depending on the type of wood, preparation and
After drying, the Aquapad must be protected by an oil, varnish or
waxes out of the Ciranova range.
All colors can be mixed
Shelf life: 1 year in closed and original packaging.

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