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Sacios Premium Hardwax Oil 2.5Ltr + Ecoline Wash & Care 1Ltr (Choose Finish)

Sacios Premium Hardwax Oil 2.5Ltr + Ecoline Wash & Care 1Ltr (Choose Finish)
Product characteristics: Open-pored surface finish based on
natural plant raw materials (oils and waxes), especially created
for all kinds of wooden floors (acc. to German DIN 18336) and
for cork floors. Open-pored (allows wood to breathe) and moisture regulating. Reduces swelling and shrinking of the wood.
Penetrates deeply into the wood surface and offers therefore a
long durability. Protects in a natural way, is extremely durable
and resistant. Ultra matt, Matt, Satin matt or High gloss surface
- whatever requested - hard-wearing, water and dirt repellent.
Unsusceptible to household chemicals as well as coffee, wine or
aggressive fruit juices
SAICOS Premium Hardwax-Oil can be individually used with
additive UV Protection, Anti-Slip R10 and Hardener 2K – or
optionally with two or three additives. One additive per can
Coverage per liter: approx. 14 m2
(2 coats) Coverage depends
on wood species and surface structure. Consumption on cork
floors may be higher depending on cork type.
Drying time: min. 3 - 5 hours (depending on temperature and
air humidity). Dust-dry after approx. 4 hours.
Full curing of the surface after approx. 4-5 days. Oxidative drying – provide open windows during and after processing to
reach a good air circulation.
Delivery is 2 / 3 days to UK Mainland UK
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