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Treatex Hardwax Oil - Natural 11004

Treatex Hardwax Oil - Natural 11004
Easy to apply
Quick drying
Low odour
Should not be used on darker timbers
Meets with VOC emissions regulations
Tinted with natural pigments
Keeps lighter timbers from warming when Hardwax Oil is applied
Suitable for: Internal use
Recommended timbers: Lighter coloured timbers e.g. Oak, Pine, Ash, Beech, Birch, Maple, Sycamore etc.
Applications: Floors, doors, stairs, worktops, woodturning etc.
Natural Hardwax Oil contains a small amount of white pigment which allows it to be used in two different ways:
1. Base coat:
If you prefer to protect light timbers whilst changing the unfinished colour as little as possible then Treatex Natural Hardwax Oil can be applied as a base coat underneath two coats of Treatex Clear Hardwax Oil to neutralise the warming effect.
2. Top coat:
For a purer white, seal Spruce Colour Tone with two coats of Natural Hardwax Oil. When Treatex Clear Hardwax Oil is applied on top of our Spruce Colour Tone it can have a slight yellowing effect on the colour.
Please Note!
Natural Hardwax Oil is not a complete finish in its own right and should not be used on its own
1L will cover approximately 20m² in one coat depending on the timber and method of application.
2.5L will cover approximately 50m² in one coat depending on the timber and method of application.
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