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Blanchon Renovation lacquer 2.5Ltr

Blanchon Renovation lacquer 2.5Ltr
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Product description

Renovation Lacquer provides long-term renovation for lacquered and oiled wooden floors, as well as worn and tarnished laminates and PVC floors without sanding down to bare or replacing the coating. Its unique formula with enhanced dampening ability and the addition of a hardener guarantee perfect adhesion and high resistance to traffic and chemical damage. High-build, Renovation Lacquer conceals surface scratches and revives tarnished floors in a single coat. Easy, fast and economical to use, it enables the area to return to use quickly. *Surface wear and tear: frequent use, surface scratches, small scratches and tarnished appearance. Dangerous. Follow the directions for use carefully.
coverage : 12 m²/L
Features and Highlights
A clear, two-component, water-based renovation lacquer
Perfect for the renovation of oiled or lacquered floors
Also suitable for use on PVC and laminate flooring
Easy and quick application with 1 coat
High chemical resistance
No primer required
Medium V.O.C
It is recommended to dry sweep or vacuum wooden floors to remove surface dust, dirt and grit before applying this product. Moisture content of the wood should be less than 11°C
For Lacquered and Oiled Floors:
Shake the lacquer well, then mix: 0.25L hardener to 2.5L lacquer; 1 part Hardener to 10 parts lacquer
Mix thoroughly for 2-3 mins immediately after adding the hardener. The activated lacquer is usable for 1 hour and 30 mins
For Laminate and PVC floors:
Remove grease from the surface with a cloth soaked in methylated spirits. The surface must be clean and dry before application
An adhesion test is recommended before applying this product, to assess compatibility with the previous coating.
Please note: the lacquer and hardener must be used together and not combined with other products. Never apply the lacquer without its hardener. This laquer does not require dilution.
Always do a test area before starting any project to test product suitability and finish. Follow the manufacturer's instructions on the tin or container at all times.
Only use in well ventilated areas. Keep any aquariums and plants away from the environment where the product is being applied.
Do not apply lacquer if the temperature is below 12°C with relative humidity in excess of 85%
Apply one even and generous coat with a roller or natural bristle brush (for edges or small areas)
On an oiled wood floor, after the first coat of lacquer has dried, if the finish is uneven, apply a second coat of lacquer. Lightly sand the surface in advance (P120) then remove dust thoroughly. Do not leave more than 48 hours between coats
Do not apply to waxed wood floors, floors treated with linseed oil, or linoleum floors
Cleaning Tools
Clean tools immediately after use with water. Do not reuse containers. Remove as much of the product as possible from tools and wring out cloths after application. Do not discharge unused product into drains or watercourses.

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